New 2017: D.I.Y. Studio Ventilation Bundle

D.I.Y. Ventilation Bundle
Why Buy our Plans?

Ventilation 3.1-4.1-5.0

  • New:Now with 3X design options
  • DVD "Enhanced Flow"
  • New: Pro Voice Over!
  • New: Pocket Booklet
  • New: Install Instuction
  • Step by step instruction
  • New: Easy swap fan module design!
  • Silent as a mouse
  • Build it for $120.00-$160
  • New: Updated Materials 2016
  • Rolls up to your booth or room wall on casters!
  • Variable speed internal fans!
  • Easy swap of fans for fast maintenance!
  • Runs on 12V DC Power
  • Perfect for existing recording room or vocal booth
  • Better airflow than units 5 times the cost!!!
  • Used by professionals

Return and exchange Policy: Due to the nature of instructional media we do not offer a return or exchange policy since our designs are unique and a protected work all sales are final. If you have any questions that need answering before your purchase please e-mail us.


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DVD or Booklet Replacement Policy: If you lose or miss place your booklet or DVD we charge a full current price replacement fee. We will not send you the booklet electronically for any reason.


Upgrades and revisions: From time to time we revise the plans in design and features. We do not offer revision upgrades for free due to the nature of our designs and there constant evolution and enhancement. If we offer a substantial revision and you purchase your plans within two weeks of that revision we will send you an e-mail offering you that revision for a discounted price at our discretion.




Plan One 3.1 A single split unit design for smaller booths or top mounted ventilation but can be used for larger rooms if needed.

Plan Two 4.1 Is a taller design for larger booths and a longer duct run for even more silent operation with higher CFM fans.

Plan Three 5.0 Is a video step by step split unit with animations and live video build. This walks you through a vent units build all of the way through and even shows you an instalation mod for thicker walls.

Get 3X designs for $34.95!

One of the most over looked issues in vocal booths and recording rooms is ventilation. DAWBOX has the answer to your ventilation problems with three simple yet effective silent designs. Our in-depth video and pocket booklet will show you how to build our dead silent design in one day and save you hundreds of dollars. It will also save you the time and hassle of long hours of conflicting research and most of all trial and error. Our plans are an accumilation of 10X years of ventilation design and proven client results. You can't afford to guess when it comes to ventilation or acoustics.

Install our design in your own existing booth, drum room, or control room for whisper silent operation! Approved by a Boeing aerospace engineer for use in up to 10X10 rooms! The 4.1 design will work for even larger control rooms, rehearsal spaces, drum rooms, main recording rooms.

So what are you waiting for order now and get the secrets of how you can ventilate your recording space without breaking the bank or destroying your walls!

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D.I.Y. Ventilation Testimonials

My problem was to place 7 studios close together and keep adjacent sound from distracting students. Compounding the problem was a mix of drums, vocal, guitar, bass guitar, and keyboard all sharing the same building. The sound transfer from the low frequencies was largely solved by a staggered-stud design in the walls. Sound flutter and echo in the rooms was solved by interior foam. However, I couldn't figure a way to keep the studios ventilated without losing all the gains that characterize a shared ventilation system. Justin of DAWBOX provided me with custom built ventilation enclosures that were specifically designed for recording applications. These 7 individual enclosures not only look good but provide much needed ventilation in the rooms that average 6' x 8' with a 7 1/2' height. The fresh air is circulated silently while the sound-deadening qualities of the room remain intact. The custom built enclosures were built in a timely manner with a very high quality of construction. They were shipped in custom crates and the process from ordering to receiving was communicated in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend DAWBOX quality with the accompanying high level of service Justin provides. Thanks Justin. A very happy customer with scores of happy students. Everybody comments on the studios but the best sound of all is the quiet when three or more studios are fully operational.

Mike C. Owner

Big Sky Studios