Owens Corning 703 2" (48sq ft)
703 Specifications
Why Buy 703?

  • One Box 48 square feet
  • 6X 2 X 4 foot sheets 2.0" thick
  • Unfaced
  • Easy to cut with bread knife
  • Better performance than acoustic foam
  • Build your own D.I.Y fabric wrapped panels
  • Perfect for all acoustic situations
  • Perfect for use with any of our Vocal Booth Plans
  • Excelent for D.I.Y. Bass traps, broad band absorbers, mix clouds.
  • Ships within the 48 lower states

$96 per box + Shipping

Call for shipping quotes or simply text us your zipcode and we will get back to you asap.






Owens Corning -703 will greatly improve your acoustic space within your vocal booth or studio. Perfect for reducing flutter echo and standing waves within the vocal and acoustic stringed instrument range. If you are tired of the bathroom tone in your recordings or terrible flutter echo this kit will work wonders for your recordings.

In many cases acoustics is just an after thought in the recording process. Decent gear is simply not enough to achieve the kinds of recordings you just have not been able to produce. Poor acoustics are far more detrimental in the recording process and slathering on effects and plug IN's to cover up tinny or muddy tone will only make things worse. Ever notice that the best recordings from today and yesterday are very up front and have almost no effects at all? This is due to good acoustics, mic placement, mic choice, proximity effect, as well as good performance. Do not let a good performance on good gear go into the vault due to acoustics. Even a $300 mic and pre will sound better in a good room over microphones and pre-amps costing three times as much in an uncontrolled space. A simple $200-$400 investment in acoustics properly applied can yield serious professional recording results on a shoe string budget with modest recording gear.

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