Included In Booth-Kit
Why Buy Acoustic Foam?

Do I need a booth?

Over the years there have been many products that have flooded the market that claim to replace the need for a recording booth. Do not buy into this scam! I have been writing and recording music for over 20+ years. I have recorded in living rooms, closets, bathrooms, bedrooms! It is true that there is no replacement for a great sounding room. In this modern age though with massive amounts of residual noise the only time you are going to be able to use a good room unless it is a pro studio is when the stars are aligned and software still can fix it in the mix. In 2003 I had a killer loft space with the most amazing acoustics. The only time I was ever able to record was at night. My "X" pro basketball next door neighbor "Bob" used to bang on my door the second I went into take number 5. Then there was the trucking company during the day. The jack hammer! The girl above me dancing on the ceiling. The other issue I had was controlling the room I recorded in. I could not get the room out of my recording! My computer hard drives in the background! Early reflection absorption works but it still will not remove enough residual noise. So for this reason our first design was born. I wanted it to be simple and portable with easy to find materials. I also wanted it to be as effective as pre made booths costing thousands. Here we are 12 years and thousands of clients later. Everyone from Little Wayne to Chaka Kahn have recorded in our designs! They are cheap to build, portable and they work! The designs all but remove residual noise form recordings.




Vocal Booth Kit: Now you can bundle our Plans with acoustic foam and bass traps and save! We offer firm Auralex quality foam at lower prices.

Latest DAWBOX D.I.Y. Plans: Included in every booth are our trademark proven designs. Clients world wide in the industry are using our products right now! We are the best kept secret for producers, artists, voice over talent and contractors. You will save thousands of dollars with our products and the end result will look and sound pro!

Why do you need acoustic foam? Without absorption in your vocal booth you will have flutter echo issues and standing waves. If you want your D.I.Y. Vocal booth to sound as good as it looks you are going to need proper absorption. DAWBOX(TM) acoustic wedge foam and bass traps will make sure that your booth sounds tight and crisp on the inside. Your voice tracks will be clean and pure and those pesky background noises destroying your creativity and productivity will be eliminated!

Bass Traps? Standing waves love to collect in the corners of your booth. While not as much of an issue for semipro voice work they are mandatory for getting rid of hollow sounding mid range. You spent the money on your DAW, sound card, good mic, stand, pop filter or reflection filter. Acoustics should be your number one priority! These corner traps will make your booth sound even tighter. If you are recording vocals, rap, acoustic guitar, over dubbing strings, horns, hand drums you need corner trapping along with wedge foam for optimal acoustics.