D.I.Y. Isolation Booth FAQ VBP-467V5.5

What are the exterior Dimensions of the booth? 4x6x7 feet

Can this booth be made larger or smaller using the same design? This is a common question and the answer is yes. This design can be scaled smaller or larger using simple math.

Can I put the ventilation unit on the Top? Yes

Can I put the window, door or ventilation on another wall? Yes

Can I put a larger window in? Yes but keep in mind the more reflective space you have the worse your recordings will sound. You want to make it as dead as possible using our dawbox acoustic foam.

Will I need tools? The bare minimum tools you will need for this project are: skillsaw, power drill, and a few bits and screws. If you do not have tools then borrow or rent them, or hire a contractor to help you. You can also find cheap tools second hand.

How much are the materials going to cost me? Our new plans now have a core build for each. Ranging from Bare-Bones with Add on options.

Example: 4x6x7V5.5 Core Build OSB $307.40

Example: 4x6x7V5.5 Core Build MDF $454.60

Add Ons: Now all of the finishing items are priced and broken down as options and they include:

Single Window $25.08 Double Window $45-$50

Asthetics $140.55-$150

Ventilation $140.09-$155

This allows you to have a more accurate idea of the cost of your project depending on the options you need. Depending on budget or just your situation you can build the upgrade options in. We now also include the full build price.

Example: 4x6x7V5.5 Full Build MDF $797.77 USD (This would include all of the trimmings minus the cost of the acoustic foam we sell for the inside.)

Example: 4x6x7V5.5 Full Build OSB $635.35 USD(This would include all of the trimmings minus the cost of the acoustic foam we sell for the inside.)

This is the advantage of purchasing our latest version of our plans. Many many hours of research went into the new price lists and new designs.

Disclaimer: Please note that these prices are subect to change by the industry at any time due to weather, location, or inflation. We update the materials list once every 6 months. Our prices are based on upper midwest SKUs. We have found that the East and West coasts have an approximate 5% increase in cost. Also note that not all home improvement stores carry the same products and may have a different name or SKU for the same product.

Does the materials list cover where to get my supplies? All of the SKUs and prices have been updated for 2015/16. Please note: prices in different regions will vary and also fluctuate every season. I have seen MDF prices go from $22-30 and then back down again. I have also seen OSB prices as of late drop from $14 a sheet to $9. It all depends on a hurricane or natural disaster and supply and demand. Bottom line is build your project asap when prices are low. :)

How long does it take to build?: If you follow the steps in our plans once having all of the supplies needed, it can be done in a weekend by one person. The average build time is a weekend or a few days. Two can build this design in a day depending upon skill level.

I am not that experienced with construction or tools will this booth be possible for me to build? These plans are designed so that anyone with basic building skills can build our design. If you can record on a computer and navigate and operate audio software, you can learn to build a vocal booth. Many clients have no prior experience and open up a whole new universe of studio D.I.Y. for themselves.

Is the booth soundproof? No booth is 100% soundproof, but this design will greatly or completely reduce all of the bothersome noises which can interfere with your recordings and stands up to any competitor pre-made booths costing thousands of dollars. You will not hear your neighbors and they will not hear you. This booth is excellent for anyone that lives near a highway, subway, or busy road. There are so many more advantages to having an actual isolation booth that is air tight.

Are there further steps to gain the maximum level of noise reduction for my booth? Yes, and these tips are included in the plans.

How easy is it to take down and put back up once built? 20-45 minutes to take down and 20-45 minutes to put up.

My studio is a small space, will it fit through my doors un-assembled? The plans are designed so that the un-assembled panels fit through any standard door size and also standard service elevator heights.

I live outside the USA are these supplies available in my country? Yes we have sold our plans to over 20 countries all over the world. These are all general building materials. While some of the names may vary. If you do not have a Home Depot find a large contractor supply company or a major improvement hardware chain.

I have a booth or closet that I use already and I only need ventilation? We also sell Ventilation System Plans.