Professional Audio Consulting


Studio Design Consulting: We cover every phase of the design and construction of a mid to large size professional home or project studio. We can take your proposed space and draw 3 dimensional draft designs based on your budget and space requirements. We have designed Drum Rooms, Vocal Booths, Amp Rooms. We also offer consulting on the proper isolation secrets for getting things as sound proof as possible on a tight budget. We can simply offer you advice via e-mail or phone or detailed materials lists with 3D object drawings so you can take a virtual tour of your studio before you ever cut a single piece of wood.

Acoustics Consulting: Does your space still sound terrible? You did exactly what the guy at Guitar Mart and Better Buy said and went out and bought a ton of Auralex foam. Bass traps, diffusers, and glued them all over the place. Now your room sounds like a vacuum and you are out $500-1500. With as many project studios, vocal booths, drum rooms and ISO rooms as I have built I know secrets that will save you money, give you killer acoustics and look as good as acoustic kits costing thousands of dollars.